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The Madness Method Podcast

Life is straight up madness. It’s a rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs.  Some experiences are good and some bad. Each one is different from the next, but that’s what makes life unique to each of us. 

Little did we know, that a career in ballroom dancing, would guide us to understand the many methods to the madness within ourselves.

The goal of The Madness Method Podcast is to share those same techniques to help you gain motivation and inspiration to build an amazing life and more. 

Jul 12, 2023

When a reporter once asked me what the world needs, I quickly answered LOVE.

The world needs more love.

I know now that it was probably the cheesiest thing that I could have said, but I believe it's true.

The World needs LOVE. I think this might be one thing we can all agree on that. That and the fact that we could use...

Jun 23, 2023

Everybody says that chivalry is dead.

If you look at the world, social media, the interactions we have everyday, you would think the same. It seems sociatey has lost its manners and is having a hard time finding its way back.  Wherever I look, I can't help but feel that the chivalry that made us kind is lost.

But, I'm...

Feb 7, 2023

Everyone of us has that one friend that desn't believe us.

They are the skeptic.  The kryptonite to our Superman, the paper to our rock.  In their own sweet way, they simply have the other side of thought that usually is negative to us.

This episode is for them.

To the skeptic that doesn't believe, this is for you....